Volunteers are the most needed resource as the hands who do the actual work.

All volunteers interested in assisting in the warehouse and at worksites are required to fill out the medical release and the liability release forms below.

For available opportunities to serve, Contact Us or check out our Get Involved and SOS pages.

Rebuilding Hope, Inc is always in need of volunteers who faithfully pray, generously give and joyfully serve. Such individuals staff the office and warehouse, prepare meals, clean the facilities, transport materials, build structures, and offer a glimpse of Jesus’ hands and feet at work in the local community.

At Rebuilding Hope, we welcome any individual or group recognizing the eternal potential of demonstrating God’s love and proclaiming God’s Word. Anyone desiring to share the Good News of Christ through restoring structures is invited to participate as they are able.

Local and visiting volunteers are given leadership, materials, community service recognition and housing accommodations as needed.

Medical Release

Liability Release

Prayer Circle

Volunteer Spotlight

Ayscue, Billy                              December 2018

Ayscue, David “Doc”                      March 2019

Beck, Amy                                March 2022, June 2023

Beck, Bruce                              June 2023

Bibee, Roger                              June 2023

Burns, Dave                               November 2018

Cannon, Steve                            August 2019

Cuthriell, Bryan                           February 2019, July 2020

Demarco, Bob                            April 2019

Ellington, Fern                             July 2018

Goddard, Neal                             September 2019

Hall, Tom                                   May 2019

Hilliard, Charles                           September 2020

Howard, Taurus                          December 2019

Humphries, Leigh                         June 2023

Jenks, Diane                              June 2022

Jones, Katie                               November 2019

Layton, Billy and Ann                    July 2019

Leach, Larry                            June 2019

Lenehan, Patti                            December2022

Lyles, Steve                              August 2018

Matthews, Gwendolyn                   December2021

McClanahan, Cliff                       May 2018

McClanahan, Jane                       June 2023

McGowan, Martha                      February 2018

Outhouse, Allie                           November 2022

Overby, Bill                              January 2019

Pulley, Steve                             May 2022

Roberts, Richard                       March 2018

Rogers, Richard                        April 2018

Slaton, Walt                             October 2018, June 2023

Strickland, Jeffrey                    September 2018

Suitte, Leo                              January 2018

Timberlake, Ann                        November 2021

Timberlake, Steve                      October 2019

Wade, Donnie                           June 2018, July 2021

Wester,  Vann                          December 2017, June 2023

Wille, Ceci                               October 2022